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Specializing in:
Aspergers Syndrome
Communication Delays
Social Skills Development
Attention Deficit
Sibling Rivalry
Vocational Training/Planning
Cognitive/Academic Delays

Advanced ABA
is dedicated to providing a wide range of proven treatment methods to help children and their caregivers feel successful.  Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, who are committed to reaching and teaching our clients through ethically-sound, research-based practices in applied behavior analysis and an array of "best practice" treatment approaches.


Our primary goal is to help children to reach their fullest potential.  Therapy sessions must be both productive and motivating to bring about successful and lasting change.  We provide comprehensive assessment, instruction, and consultation to meet each child's individual needs.


Helping families find balance is essential to any child’s program.  We are committed to supporting parents, teachers, and the child’s “circle of friends” through consultation and program development in any pertinent setting. 


We are committed to providing continued education and training opportunities to professionals in the field of applied behavior analysis, psychology, education, and child development.   

Advanced ABA is dedicated to providing children, families, and professionals with the tools they need to create lasting changes.



6215 Lorraine Road, Bradenton, FL 34202 (941) 758-4707

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